SBTF in the News


The Guardian


BBC – British Broadcasting Company


Have A Good Web

Al Jazeera


Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norwegian) 

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norwegian)

Digital Trends

Emergency Journalism


Humanity Road

Real Business


Heute (German)



Philippine Response

CNN Article

UK Guardian

The Economist

Scientific American

Fast Company


UN’s IRIN News

Washington Post

Technology Review

France 24

Slate Afrique

GIM International

PBS Film Documentary

UN Dispatch – Disaster 2.0

Andrej Verity from OCHA talking about SBTF Libya Deployment

Libya: how on line mapping helped crisis response



John D. Sutter – Crowdsourcing ‘Where’s Waldo’…. but For Science

Patrick Meier – Using Social Media to Aid Malaysian Flight 370 Search

Justine Mackinnon – Crisis Mappping, Mapping the Void (BBC radio)

Bert Brugghemans – During Disasters, Digital Volunteers are as Important as On-Site Responders (in Dutch)

Bert Brugghemans – Social Media Helps Fight Disasters (in Dutch)

BBC News – How Tech is Changing Disaster Response

Patrick Meier – Collaborative Mapping in Crisis

Patrick Meier – Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Anahi Ayala Iacucci – Introducing the Standby Volunteer Task Force

Helena Puig Larrauri – Crisis Mapping Analytics (Crisis Mappers Webinar 2011)

Helena Puig Larrauri – The Standby Task Force and the Libya Crisis Map (Ignite at ICCM 2011)



Patrick Meier, “Live Crisis Map of Disaster Damage Reported on Social Media,’ Phi Beta Iota: Public Intelligence Blog, November 12, 2013

Patrick Meier, “Digital Humanitarians: From Haiti Earthquake to Typhoon Yolanda,” iRevolution, November 11, 2013

Patrick Meier, “Typhoon Yolanda, Tagging Crisis Tweets for Disaster Response”, iRevolution, November 8, 2013

Ivan Detchev, “Kenya Election Monitoring Activation,” American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Student Newsletter, January 21, 2013

Patrick Meier, “Westgate Analysis Paper”, iRevolution, 2013

Jaroslav Valuch, “Haiti’s viral volunteers: How social media is changing the face of crisis response”, January 11, 2011

Jaroslav Valuch & all, “Standby Taskforce participation in OCHA Colombia Earthquake Simulation 2010″, Standby Task Force, January 5, 2011

Patrick Meier, “Standby Crisis Mappers Task Force: Apply Now!”, iRevolution, September 26, 2010



Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, ‘Year End Report 2013′ 

University of Agder, “Centre for Integrated Emergency Management: Research for the Philippines, Improving Disaster Response.” December 2013

Justine Mackinnon, “UK Storm Reports Analysis Map,’  December 6, 2013

Per Aarvik and Justine Mackinnon, “Introduction to Digital Humanitarians and Micro Mapping,” Bergen Academy of Art and Design, October 19, 2013 

TechChange, Course Listing: ‘Tech for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding,’ Online Certificate Course, Peace & Collaborative Development Network,  December 03, 2013

Patrick Meier, Introduction to ICCM 2009, October 29, 2009 (from minutes 2’15”)

Jen Ziemke, Crisis Mapping, Politics & New Media: FINAL Working Syllabus (Part I, updated), December 2010



Justine Mackinnon, Per Aarvik, Joseph Pollack, Brendan O’Hanrahan, Sara-Jayne Terp, Nicole Rodgers, Willow Brugh, Lindsay Oliver, “Digital Humanitarian Network Summit,” iHub Nairobi, November 2013

Justine Mackinnon, Brendan O’Hanrahan, Per Aarvik, Svend-Jonas Schelhorn, “Digital Humanitarianism and Networked Crisis Support,” Bergen Academy of Art and Design, October 19, 2013

Justine Mackinnon, “news:rewired Conference,” “Panel: How News Outlets Use Different Digital Tools to Help Communicate the Latest Information to Digital Audiences in Breaking News Situations,” news:rewired, September 20, 2013 

Justine Mackinnon, “UN ECOSOC 2013,” “Panel: Humanitarianism in the Network Age: How new information and communication technologies are transforming humanitarian aid.” UNOCHA July 16, 2013

Justine Mackinnon, “International Development Conference,’ Panel: Mobile Phones, Data Mining and Crowd Mapping – The Future of ‘Technology for Development’,” Cambridge University, 2013 

Justine Mackinnon, “Masterclass 2, Disaster 2.0 Project,’ Warwick University,”  November 5-6, 2012

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